Seven of Mama’s Favorite (Mostly Foodie) Things

Every time I think about writing a blog post, I’m always tempted to start with “Hi! Remember me?” followed by an elongated apology about how I haven’t written, how I’m feeling uninspired, and how thankful I am you’re reading this.

Well, there, I gave into the temptation. So…moving on!

I keep running into products and “life hacks” (not literally, of course) and thinking, “Man! I wonder if other people know about this…” So, I thought I’d share a few highlights.

Folex Instant Carpet Spot Remover
What is this stuff? Magic? It works SO WELL. When we lived in Florida, I had a wonderful friend (hi, Allison!) who knew her way around cleaning a house. Like, as much as I don’t have a clue, she’s the opposite. For some reason, she mentioned Folex for tough carpet stains. I’ve only seen it for sale at Home Depot/Lowe’s, but it’s worth the extra trip. It took fluorescent purple nail polish out of our white chair! (Yeah, my husband loved handling that while I was on a Zoom call…)

Kellogg’s Mueslix
Is 32 the official age when Lucky Charms just won’t cut it anymore? Sadness. Then again, when I started looking higher in the cereal aisle, I discovered Mueslix. The worst name, right? Sounds gross. But tastes delicious! It’s basically trail mix, but you’re allowed to put milk on it. Yum.

I had never tried a muscadine until I attended college in Alabama. Have you ever tried a grape-flavored candy or soda and wondered, “How in the world did they decide to call this ‘grape,’ as it tastes nothing like grapes?” The answer? That flavoring is muscadines! But no one knows about muscadines, so candy-makers went the safe/wimpy route and stuck with “grapes.” They’re in season right now, so go find some!

In case you’re inexperienced…
1. Wash muscadines.
2. Either cut or use your teeth to make a small slit in the skin.
3. Suck out insides.
4. Discard skin.
5. Chew carefully to avoid seeds.
6. Spit out seeds.
7. Glory in the flavor.

The Bible Project
I can only begin to rave about how fantastic these videos are. Whenever I start reading a new book of the Bible (I’m on track to read the whole Bible in 2020…a first for me!), I watch the corresponding video before I get started. They’re about seven minutes long and do a great job of outlining and organizing each book. I especially love this take on Daniel.

OK, I feel the need to share about underwear too often. However. ThirdLove was recommended in a moms’ Facebook group as an ideal site for bra-buying, and I decided to take the leap. Ladies, you take this little quiz and get a recommendation. The prediction was nearly right-on. (I should’ve listened to my instinct before hitting “buy.”) Returns are free. Actually, if you need a different size, they’ll send the new one even before they receive your return. And since shopping in person is…challenging…these days, what better reason to order online! And that 24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra? Two thumbs up.

Mayonnaise on grilled cheese
I discovered this yesterday. I’ve always made grilled cheese by smearing butter on the outside. But, NO! I should’ve listened to my father (hi, Dad!) and used mayonnaise! Crisps right up.

Intermittent Fasting
Has anyone not discovered this trend yet? Here’s the concept: Your body needs time to rest, and we eat so often, we don’t give our bodies that time to recuperate (which is yet another reason we’re unhealthy and overweight). Whether you buy into that or not, there are a LOT of success stories using IF.

Basically, you have an eating “window.” I do 16:8, which means I eat during those eight hours and fast during the 16. Realistically, I finish dinner around 6 p.m., then don’t eat anything again until 10 a.m. So, no late-night snacking or early-morning breakfast. It’s not as hard as it sounds. There aren’t technically foods you shouldn’t eat, but if you want to see better results faster, obviously, keep your eating within moderation (even with the occasional mayo-slathered grilled cheese). Drink lots of water. See happy results. Join an IF Facebook group for extra encouragement.

Any of these sound interesting? Got any tips to share? Comment below!

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