Adopting In The Midst Of Coronavirus

I’m not the most suspicious person, so it’s probably good I’m married to a fairly wary man. He reminds me to avoid online banking on my phone, and he herds me to the side of the road when I wander too close to the middle on after-dinner strolls.

Also, don’t click on any unknown links…especially on Zoom.

After 10 years together, I’d like to think my general awareness has heightened the slightest bit.

So, when I received that “so-and-so wants to connect with you” Facebook message yesterday, I clicked on it with a some apprehension.

A woman from New Jersey had sent the message. She said she had adopted from China a few years ago, and her daughter was in the same foster home as our son.


We had sent a care package to our boy a few weeks ago, and, apparently, the foster home’s caretaker saw my name on the packaging and reached out to this New Jerseyan to find me via social media.

Well, it’s the internet, so I felt a bit skeptical.

But when I saw the message the caretaker wanted to send, I decided I should at least thank her for reaching out.

“Please tell his family, he is doing good. we love him very much and trying hard to take care of him.”

Obviously, this photo was edited, because people on the internet can get sketchy. I promise, he’s incredibly cute.

And then she forwarded a photo.

And I started to cry.

Because the night before I had lain in my 3-year-old daughter’s bed and prayed for our boy in China. I always pray the same prayer–that he would be healthy and so loved by those around him.

And because the night before I had lain in my 5-year-old son’s bed and confessed how the whole adoption was feeling very surreal. Was it ever going to happen? Were we always just going to talk about this precious Chinese boy, but never get the chance to meet him, to love him?

In the aftermath, I always feel like God looked at me with such love and whispered, “I’m here for you, daughter. Take heart and wait.” I just couldn’t recognize his voice until afterward.

Our boy is getting so big, y’all. He is just precious. I’m not the cuddliest person, but even I can’t wait to squeeze him. I want to hear him laugh and see him smile. 

I have a lot of favorite parts of the photo I received, but one of the best parts? He’s holding a picture of us, and the Chinese characters over the picture say, “Your family.”

He knows, y’all. He finally knows he has a family.

So, coronavirus be darned. We’re coming for you, little man.

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Published by Christine Boatwright

One thought on “Adopting In The Midst Of Coronavirus

  1. Keep this coming!! It helps all of us love that little boy, too! Thank God that He is keeping you updated!!


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