How To Get Along With Your Mother-In-Law

Here are two easy steps for getting along with your mother-in-law:

Step 1: Routinely send her pictures of her grandchildren.

Step 2: Feed her chocolate.

That’s it! Those are my tips for success. They’re working swimmingly in my life. A bonus step would involve showing up on her doorstep with her grandchildren. But make sure you bring chocolate along.

This subject can be too dicey for a lot of folks, so that’s my two cents.

(Plus, I don’t want to just sit here and brag about how wonderful my mother-in-law is and how much I love her. That’d just get annoyingly gushy after awhile.)

Currently Reading:
Wildcard by Marie Lu – This is the sequel to Lu’s Warcross. Frankly, I have some other books I’d rather be reading right now, but I don’t like to space a follow-up book too far from its predecessor. There was a cliffhanger at the end of Warcross, so now we’re continuing the story. I’m in a semi-YA mood, so we’ll see where this goes.

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