My Kids Say The Cutest Things

I feel like I have so much to tell you, but also a lot of the same? We’re in a T-minus 25-days countdown until the big, burly (hopefully!) moving men come in droves to pack up all of our worldly possessions. That’s surreal.

Today, I requested to join a South Carolina community Facebook group. Does that mean I should leave all of my Florida groups? I can’t exactly sell a bag of 3T clothes to a Floridian when I’m seven hours north, right? That seems a bit excessive.

I’m debating about getting one of those cute moon/palmetto-tree stickers for my car, but I don’t exactly feel South Carolina pride yet. Because you know where I never expected to live? Yeah, South Carolina. North Carolina, maybe (I’m married to a scientist). Or hopefully Tennessee (It’s beautiful!). But the big S-C is still feeling pretty surreal.

Well, since I’ve got Smartfood popcorn (yes! The cheesy kind in the black bag!) to munch and Netflix to consume, I’m leaving you with a conglomeration of adorable quotes from my children. As a reminder, George is 4, Olivia is 2, and neither of those names actually appear on their birth certificates (here’s why if you’re new to See Mama Read).


Hopefully this doesn’t lead to any apprehension about the size of her nose.

George to Olivia after he discovered a tape measure: Can I measure your head? Four! I’m going to measure your nose. Two! (This went on for quite some time.)

George: You know who loves chocolate? Grandma! We should get her some M&Ms, because if you eat M&Ms, there’s chocolate inside! (He knows you so well, Mama B!)

George: Do you know what my favorite part of your body is?
Mama: Uh, no?
George: Belly button! (Dissolves into giggles)

Olivia: Tuesday! Tuesday!
George: No! It’s hump day!

At a playground
George: Can we have a snack?
Olivia: Snack! Snack!
Mama: I’m sorry, but I didn’t bring any snacks. I didn’t think we’d need them since you just ate breakfast.
George: But we don’t feel the breakfast we ate!

(I was having concerns about a possible ear infection.)
Mama: How’s your ear feel, Bud?
George: It feels ridiculous.


They’ll always be this tiny, right?

Mama: Olivia, is pink your favorite color?
Olivia: Yes. (which she pronounces “Yeth”.)
George: Pink is a lovely color.

On our way to buy a bookcase I found on Facebook Marketplace:
George: But where are we going to put it?
Mama: I haven’t figured that out yet.
George: Because our house is full.


Rockin’ her Mickey umbrella, Minnie juice, and Peppa Pig rain boots on a sunny day.

Chick-fil-a playground conversation
George: Olivia! Where are you?
Olivia: Here!
George: Are you to the left or the north, Olivia? To the left or the north?
Olivia: …here!

Admittedly, I have been saving those on a phone memo for quite some time, and I realize I probably find them more adorable than you, as I witnessed them firsthand. But as I record them on my phone, if you ever see me staring at my phone instead of my children, rest assured I’m simply recording all of their sweet, charming words instead of doing something inane…like scrolling social media.

How’s everything in your world, reader? Have your kids said anything hilarious lately?
Currently Reading:
First, I’m ashamed to admit that I gave up on Jasper Fforde’s Early Riser. I didn’t even give it a fair chance, but I plan to someday soon. It’s going to take a few more firing neurons than I have to spare currently, so I moved onto lighter fare.
Dryer’s English by Benjamin Dreyer – This is “an utterly correct guide to clarity and style” by the copy chief of Random House, and, as a grammar nerd, I’m finding it delightfully entertaining.

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