What My 3-Year-Old Thinks of ‘Dancing with the Stars’

In addition to relocating our entire lives five minutes down the road, I also accomplished a monumental feat. I figured out how my 3-year-old could actually enjoy watching Dancing with the Stars. He loves numbers, so he gets incredibly excited to see the judges flash their scores. And that’s it! He’s waiting on pins and needles for the next time he sees a number.

Then the next day he’ll ask—without my prodding—to watch Dancing with the Stars instead of PJ Masks or Peppa Pig or whatever else. Win-win!

Side Note: What was the deal with that ridiculously short athlete season of Dancing with the Stars? Yes, athletes are usually the best competitors on the show, so why make the season only four weeks? Obnoxious. Moving on.

Our toddler-storage system is working effectively. We seem to have an empty slot, so I’m possibly open to babysit.

Now, as our move is wrapping up, I’m mostly inspired to just sit on our newly  moved furniture watching TV. So, as always when I’m in this position, please enjoy some of the more entertaining thoughts and comments of my 3-year-old goober.

While watching Dancing with the Stars…

George: Is that church? It looks like church, but a new one.

Her cheese face.

Watching “Dancing with the Stars” the next week, I learned maybe we should be reading more Bible stories and watching less “Dancing with the Stars.”
George: (The male dancers are) not wearing shirts. Jesus didn’t wear a shirt, and that’s why he died.

FYI: In ABCs of Science, “Z is for zygote.”
George: Before, when I was a big boy, you were a zygote in my belly, Mama!
Olivia then contributed to this factual discussion by showing us her bellybutton.

George’s imaginary friends are states. He gave a “Come on, Pennsylvania!” and a wave gesture when we came in from the garage.

Mama: What should we get Papa for Father’s Day?
George: A box of a pretend thing.

Well, Dad, at least I don’t have to go far for your gift.

You know? Watching my kids learn to talk is a joy I never expected. Olivia picks up at least a word a day. My current favorite word is “water,” which she pronounces “wah-yer,” and on the y-sound, she flips her little tongue. And she’s obviously thrilled that she’s communicating. It’s precious.

What were some of your children’s first words? Which were your favorite?

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