Mama’s 2018 Reading Challenge: February

Quiet Susan Cain

February’s Reading-Challenge pick fits into about three categories for me. I’ve been meaning to read it for a few years, it’s not in a genre I typically choose, and it intimidates me (because it’s in a genre I don’t typically choose).

However, as I keep telling myself…

leslie knope

Thanks, Leslie.

February’s category tells me to pick a book from a genre I don’t typically read. Well, I typically read fiction, fiction, and more fiction, with an occasional devotional or Bible study book tossed in to give my spiritual life a boost. I lean toward (clean!) romance, fantasy, young-adult, and sometimes science-fiction novels, except when I’m reading picture books to the munchkins.

Therefore, there’s a slew of genres from which to choose February’s title. I have a biography coming up in December, so I avoided one of those, at least until Christmas trees start showing up at Hobby Lobby. Wait, what? They’ve decided to sell them year-round? I kid, I kid. Much love, Hob Lob.


Quiet Susan Cain

Without further ado, I will be reading Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain for my February pick.

I struggle with non-fiction, y’all. I think it’s because once I understand the concept and read a few supporting stories, I tend to lose interest. It starts to feel like a book report. Or maybe a sermon that’s gone on too long. Let’s wrap it up, people! Point made!

Quiet has been on my list for awhile. I think it landed there when my husband and I took a personality test and he landed squarely in the introvert category (not a huge shocker). I fall somewhere in the middle, though I lean more toward extroverted tendencies (in case you haven’t noticed, I’m broadcasting my life and family to the world).

I thought this would be a good book as a means of understanding the introverts in my world, especially the one with whom I’m sharing my life. I want to know how I can best support my introverted husband, especially as he’s the leader of our family. America obviously praises extroverted tendencies, but I think that’s incredibly short-sighted.

Also, since my husband basically cloned himself in the production of our son, I still think it’s a good idea to read up on introverts, especially this idea of “introvert power.” I want to empower my children to use their strengths, and some of those strengths may not be obvious ones. George and I have differing personality traits, so when he runs away from social opportunities, I’d like to be informed on how to best handle it! Olivia, on the other hand, already toddles over to strangers, waving and babbling away. Guess who she takes after…

What will you pick for your February book?

In other news, if you have readers in your life who you think would enjoy this reading challenge, why not share this post with them? I’d love to have others follow along and share the journey.

So, did you finish up your January pick? Are you glad you finally picked up that book you’ve been meaning to read?

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2 thoughts on “Mama’s 2018 Reading Challenge: February

  1. Hmm, I didn’t do so well for January. I started reading Missional Motherhood, which I had started years ago, but then life happened and it had holds on it at the library. I didn’t get started on it until midway through January, and it’s been slow going. Only 135 pages left!

    For February I’m going with a memoir, which I never read. I heard an interview with the author of The Sound of Gravel, and it sounded interesting. Hopefully this month will go better.


  2. I read Missional Motherhood during a Bible study in the fall. It was much deeper than I expected, which is GOOD, but definitely consumed more time and thought. Let me know if your memoir (and by “your” I mean the one you’re reading…unless you’re also writing one, then I’d like to hear about that too!) turns out to be worth a read!


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