From the Mouths of Babes: How My 3-Year-Old Sees Things

Somewhere along the line, I heard that women have a reserve of words we feel we must spend throughout the day, while men have significantly fewer words to share. This made perfect sense to me after I married my more-introverted husband.

However, now that I have a chatty 3-year-old son, I’m not sure if I completely believe the original concept.

From the mouth of this babe.

I find my son to be hilarious. I’m sure Olivia is brilliant as well, but she’s mostly communicating through urgent grasp-y hands and squeals.

I thought I’d start recording and sharing George’s funnier moments with you, as there’s nothing like seeing the world through a 3-year-old’s eyes.

“I’m growing up to be a man. I’m getting taller and taller and taller and taller. But I don’t want to be as tall as the ceiling. That’s too tall!” George said with a very serious look on his face.

“I still have the hiccups. That’s why I can’t talk right now.”

After reading about Jesus’ crucifixion in his Big Picture Storybook Bible (while Mama is internally hyperventilating about giving all of the correct, theological, and preschool-appropriate answers): 

George: What are these? (pointing at picture)

Mama: Those are nails, honey. They put nails in Jesus’ hands and feet to keep him on the cross.

G: And what is this red stuff? (points again)

M: That is blood from where they put nails in his feet.

G: Jesus needs a jacket.

M: Uh, yes. He didn’t have many clothes on, did he?

G: And he has a belly button, right? I have a belly button. Want to see it? (unzips flannel onesie pjs)

Can Mama take your picture? Oh, that’s what you’ve chosen to do, eh?

I tried to explain how leaving lights on costs us money. Now, every time I ask George to turn off his bedroom light (when he’s not in his room), he runs down the hall saying, 

“We’re going to get some money!”

“I’m 16 now. I can drive,” George said as he climbed into the driver’s seat while I was busy buckling Olivia into her car seat. Yes, he was 100% serious.

“What does quark mean?” George asked my husband while they read ABCs of Science. This is why I leave that particular book for when Dada gets home…

What crazy or hilarious things have your kids said? Anything you’ve overheard? I’m all ears!

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